Avoid mistakes in photography.  Having right gears for your shoot is the most important in photography. 

1. Forgot a Tripod.

Take your tripod everywhere you go! You will have well-focused and a better quality photo when the camera is locked on the tripod.

When you don’t have a tripod with you, if you can, find some static object that you can place the camera on it to take a photo, so that way it reduces any subtle movement. If you have to lower the shutter speed to get more light, you would have really blurry photos without a tripod.

2. Check all your settings in your camera before you shoot.

Don’t rush. Take your time to make sure everything is right for you to start shooting.  It is always better to shoot right on the spot rather than trying to fix in photoshop. Always take extra photos more than you need.

3. Memory cards are full in the middle of shooting. It happens a lot. Please have spare cards with you all the time.

4. The battery is low. Please have spare batteries with you. 

5. Adjust the focus point.  Depending on where your object is and you might have to adjust it.

6. Shooting in the wrong mode.

Manual controls will give you complete control. You will have to shoot manually to control the light. Once you get the hang of the concepts of shutter speed, aperture and ISO, it will come as second nature. You don’t have to think about it.

7. Shooting in Jpeg.

Always shoot in raw.  In your camera settings, you can choose the format. You can always go back to raw file and adjust without losing any quality. Whenever you save image files as jpeg, it will compress the quality of images.

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