Sell your art


Tax form must be submitted before the first payment. If you don't submit the form, the first payment could be held or delayed.

If you are a US resident or citizen defined by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), a signed and completed Form W-9 must be submitted to Green Stock.form download link W-9

If you are a non-US citizen living in US, a signed and completed form 1042-S must be submitted to Green Stock.form download link 1042-S


When someone licenses your content with credits, you earn your commission based on the net value of the credits used to download your image.

How Do I Get Paid?

Green Stock pays in U.S. dollars. When your account balance reaches a minimum $25 USD, you will receive a payment in the following month.
If you did not reach your minimum, then all your earnings will transfer to the next month.
This will repeat every month until you have accumulated enough to receive your payment

Payment method in two ways :
Paypal or a bank check sent by postal mail.

If payment settings are changed after your payment has already been calculated, they will be applied to the following month.
Once the payment has been processed and sent out electronically or by postal mail, it will be reflected in your Payment History.

Commission Rate

Contributors' commission rate for Green Stock:

60% for each content at sold price at the time of transaction. The price could be different if items were in promotional price, sale price or package deal price from the regular price.